19th Century Books

The Nietz Old Textbook Collection, housed in the Special Collections Library at the University of Pittsburgh, is an impressive 16,000 collection of many rare and unique tiles, many of which have not been reproduced in microform collections or reprint editions.

However, in 1999, our sister company, Northern Micrographics, in partnership with the University of Pittsburgh, began digitizing and reprinting selected volumes from this collection.

While digital copies of these volumes may be viewed at http://digital.library.pitt.edu/nietz, those same volumes may be purchased from Brookhaven Press as hardbound reprints.

Like all Brookhaven Press books, the titles from this collection are printed on acid free paper and bound to Library Binding Institute specifications using Grade F buckram Cloth. When ordering, you may choose navy, black or red for your binding color. The 19th Century Schoolbooks Catalog is divided into subjects, which is one way you might want to search for books. The subjects are

American Literature English Language Object Teaching Rhetoric
Arithmetic Geography Penmanship Science
Bible History Physiology Spellers
Elocution Letter Writing Readers Sunday School Literature

United States History

Just go to the 19th Century Schoolbooks Catalog and search for a textbook from the past.