Local History and Genealogy Catalog

Brookhaven’s Local History and Genealogy Catalog offers a wide range of titles, from county histories and portrait and biographical titles to personal narratives and local government documents.

These titles are digitally scanned reproductions of out of print or rare books, many of which come to Brookhaven through agreements with the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, the Historic Pittsburgh Collection, the Minnesota Historical Society, and other sources.

Our collection gives you the opportunity to add rare and valuable titles to your own research collection. So whether you choose a book or a CD from our catalog, you're assured of a high quality digital reproduction of a volume that will enhance your own reference collection. 

Browse our catalog to see if we have a title that interests you. Keep in mind that we continue to add titles to our collection, so check back with us. If you're interested in a title that we don't list, let us know. We might be able to locate it. 
If your institution is interested in adding titles from your own collection to our catalog, consider becoming one of our institutional partners. Just contact us so we can discuss this program.